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May is for job skills

Throughout May, BCAEC will be presenting a series of work skills courses.

The Safe Food Handling course is essential for anyone wishing to work in any kind of food service from restaurants and cafés through to sausage sizzles. If it’s a licenced venue you’re looking to work in, then the Responsible Service of Alcohol course is a must. The Responsible Service of Gambling course will broaden your opportunities even more and there is a special discount available for people who do all three courses.

A course that is beneficial to all workers no matter what industry is First Aid. Every workplace benefits when employees know what to do in an emergency. In 2015, BCAEC is presenting a special First Aid for Carers and Teachers course which includes Asthma and Anaphylaxis management, in addition to the regular First Aid Level 2.

The First Aid courses commence on May 7th.

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