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Our Training and Assessment Services


s both an RTO and an ACFE provider, we deliver accredited training and courses and pre-accredited education. We are registered to deliver nationally accredited qualifications, and/or units of each, and are fully resources, staffed and ready to deliver each qualification on our scope of registration.

Our pre-accredited training focuses on computer literacy skills, delivered in three stages – beginners, next step and office skills. We also present a number of work skills training courses by contracting the services of Australian Safe T Training. These include Construction Induction White Card, Forklift Licence, Traffic Control and others as the need arises. These present essential skills and tickets for persons working in the construction and warehousing industries.

Also each term we present a selection of personal development short courses, at fee for service rates, for personal development and fulfilment.



Our vision


he Bass Coast Adult Education Centre is committed to the provision of adult, community and further education through the quality vocational, accredited, pre accredited and practical training.

We will take the initiative in introducing courses that will help to develop and expand the talents of people in our area, prepare them to participate in further education or employment and encourage them to see lifelong learning as an interesting, satisfying and achievable goal.

We present foundation and work skills training that build not only competencies but also confidence and opens opportunities for employment and pathways to further education.

Bass Coast Adult Education Centre strives to create a freely accessible and welcoming learning environment for everyone. We do not see financial, physical, mental or personal difficulty or disability as a barrier to education. We work with all to achieve their goals.

We believe that by setting these goals we will help to increase the social, economic and cultural development of the area.



Mission Statement


e look to a future where we will establish a firm base for the training of individuals by giving them a strong foundation for their learning and employment pathways. We plan to establish a foundation skills centre, providing a dedicated centre that fulfils the needs of all persons seeking a means to meet their learning and life goals.

To compliment this we will present job skills courses that widen the opportunities for persons seeking employment. We will seek to increase our partnerships and networks to achieve a complete outcome in meeting the needs of our community.

We will strive to continue to expand our services, driven by market demand, to fill the new and arising needs of our community. We will remain current and increase our readiness to face new markets through increasing and strengthening networks and industry links.

The programs and teaching of this centre supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian Democracy, including a commitment to:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The values of openness and tolerance


Nothing in this clause is intended to affect any right according to or compliance with any obligation imposed on, a provider under an enactment of the State or of the Commonwealth.



Our history


n 1986 an advertisement appeared in the Sentinel Times, a local newspaper, asking for any interested person to establish TAFE and further Education in South West Gippsland. By mid-1987 a steering committee consisting of representatives from Local Schools, Casey College of TAFE (now Chisholm TAFE), Adult and Further Education (ACFE) and local welfare and service groups was formed to look at surveying and responding to the needs of the community with regard to adult education.

The first class delivered was basic computing for eight people. It was an evening class held at the Wonthaggi Technical School (now Wonthaggi Secondary College). Administration and coordination was done on a voluntary basis. A seeding grant of $5000 was received from ACFE toward materials and overhead costs. Classes were held in a variety of venues across the region, some of these were Primary, High and Technical Schools, Church Halls and even private homes.

In 1988 a committee was formed to investigate the educational needs of Adults in the South West Gippsland region. This committee comprised of representation from ACFE, TAFE, Shires of Bass and Phillip Island, Borough of Wonthaggi, Wonthaggi Secondary College, Bass and Phillip Island Community Centres and the Community Development and Learning Centre (CDLC, now this centre).

In November 1989, to provide community based further education, the Community Development and Learning Centre (CDLC), Wonthaggi opened premises, along with the Chisholm TAFE Wonthaggi Campus, at 2-10 McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi. This opening provided a much needed base of operations for both organizations, moving from the primarily private home set up. The joint operation continued to flourish until they had outgrown the venue. CDLC, after lobbying with Local and State Government, purchased the South Dudley Primary School site, the school being closed by Government Rationalisation shortly before, and moved to their new site at 239 White Road in December 1994.

During the following years, CDLC was incorporated, and applied for and received funding to run Child Care, Computer Skills, Adult Literacy and several other courses.

In 1992, a separate Child Care facility was constructed and employed a director. This facility serviced all areas of the now Bass Coast Shire, and due to heavy demand received increased funding for expansion. CDLC continued to prosper and underwent a name change, to Bass Coast Adult Education Centre, in 1998, to better reflect for the whole community to which it catered. Since that time, the Centre has offered an array of learning experiences and acted as landlord for other groups and individuals providing education to the local community.

Our tenants provide unique opportunities for residents of Southern Gippsland. Firstly the Wonthaggi Woodcrafters group provides not only learning and leisure activities directed to all, but acts as a kind of community house for men, offering achievement and fellowship as well as the sharing of skills. Our second major tenant is the University of the Third Age (U3A) which has over 150 members and conducts full classes up to five days a week in the Garden Centre and new portable ‘Mawson’s Hut.’

BCAEC also hosts a Community VCAL program, run by Wonthaggi Secondary College to offer education pathways to students experiencing difficulty in the Secondary level environment, and is the centre for the Wonthaggi Community Garden, a site for educational and healthy activities for a wide variety of organisations, such as Moonya, Headway, Garnham House groups and others, and for individuals.

During its tenure at the White Road site, BCAEC has maintained and improved the property to increase accessibility for all. It has provided Migrant English and Literacy courses funded by State and Commonwealth Governments. It has offered a variety of computing, work safety, hospitality, first aid, language and art and practical courses, both funded by government and paid for by participants.

BCAEC continues to prosper and grow, and in 2006 we entered into a lease arrangement with the Bass Coast Shire to ensure a strong future for the next 15 years. We have also been recognised and gained increased support as a growing provider of training services in this area by our new regional office, Gippsland ACFE, and the Victorian Government under the Skills for Victoria program, our major funding partner. And we continue to receive funding from AMES in support of persons newly arrived in Australia.

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